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What Happens On A


Prepare yourself for something a little different.

This is not a one off detox you will never be able to keep to when you get home.

In planning our Hideouts we wanted to create the kind of retreat we would want to go to.


One that wasn't too austere - didn't demand juice fasting, the most stretchy hamstrings for yoga or sitting for hours waiting for enlightenment to come.

And possibly include a glass of wine or two.

Hideouts are designed for women who need space to rest and find direction with diet, lifestyle or movement.

We want to show you there is a way to eat, move and rest which maximises our health and wellbeing which can also be hugely enjoyable. 

Hideouts are designed to give you simple techniques to incorporate in to your everyday life which inspire lasting change.

We’ve planned all the details so you can learn through experience what it means to have balanced blood sugar, techniques to support your digestion, daily practices to move your body and activities to soothe your mind.

We run three Hideouts a year - winter, spring and summer. Each with a different focus to inspire us as we move through the seasons.

The Most Satisfying & Nutrient Dense Food We Can Find

The best seasonal, local and delicous food we can muster

Food is the cornerstone of the Hideouts and Debbie's passion. She has spent a lot of time sourcing the best local and seasonal food and great people to cook it for us. Everything - even down to the nut butters and milks - will be homemade and organic.


All our meat will be grass fed and organic. The fish will be cold water and wild (not farmed) and any dairy products will be raw or organic too.

The meals have been designed to balance your blood sugar, support digestion and remove the common food triggers which can make us feel unwell.


This is not just a fad diet or "detox" weekend. The food has been specifically designed around evidence based Functional and Nutritional Medicine principles. 


There will be lots of space to ask Debbie questions about what we are eating and why. This is your chance to get your questions answered about what's best to eat to keep us well.

Easy Movement

Space to move your body in a way which feels good to you

Lisa has a passion to share her love and understanding of the human body with her students to help them develop self-awareness and the physical skills to move with ease.

Each day there will be gentle movement, breath and meditation practices to soothe and steady disturbed nervous systems. Bringing a sense of calm to busy distracted minds.

You don't need to be super stretchy, or touch your toes (Debbie can't either!) just curious to find way to calm your body in a way that suits you.

Lisa's insight and compassion make her teaching style suitable for all types of bodies and levels of experience.


As much rest as you would like to take

Our Hideouts have been designed around the concept that good quality rest is foundational to health and well being.


We pick the most beautiful and restful locations we can find, deep in the countryside where you can really Hideout.


There will be daily meditation practices and some simple craft activities to help dial down busy minds and stressed nervous systems. 


We hope you'll want to join in with us. But if you really want to simply rest, lie in and just savour the delicious food - that's good with us too.


This is your Hideout. 


Great ideas to take home with you

We want you to leave the Hideout feeling nourished, rested and with a bunch of new ideas.


In the winter our activities will be inspired by the darkness to reflect on our year, support our immune systems and gather our resources.

The spring Hideout will be a time to cleanse and renew, support our body's detoxification and make new plans.

In the summer we make the most of the light. We will move with more energy, strengthen our digestion and tap in to our inner strength.